How To Hang Your Custom Vinyl Records On The Wall

How To Hang Your Custom Vinyl Records On The Wall

At Freestyle Vinyl, our customers can create their own custom vinyl records, complete with custom artwork that makes a perfect display piece for you and your loved ones. 

Vinyl records, beyond being a medium for audio and music of all types, are also a form of artistic expression. Displaying these cherished records on your wall not only celebrates the nostalgic sounds within but also transforms your space into a gallery of musical art. If you're curious about how to hang vinyl records on the wall and create a stunning display, you're in the right place. This guide will explore the nuances of vinyl record artwork and look into the safety of hanging records. Additionally, we present various display options, highlight products for vinyl display, and introduce the unique concept of custom vinyl records from Freestyle Vinyl.

Vinyl Record Artwork

Vinyl record artworks are a visual symphony that captivates enthusiasts. Album covers are often considered miniature masterpieces that match a visual to the artist’s musical vision. The artwork can showcase intricate designs, vibrant colors, and compelling visuals that complement the music within. The large format of vinyl jackets provides a canvas for artistic expression. Displaying these records allows enthusiasts to appreciate the visual side of the music, adding a decorative element to any space.

Beyond visual appeal, vinyl record artwork holds sentimental value. Album covers are inseparable from the music and serve as a tangible connection to the emotions and memories associated with the songs. Whether it's the iconic cover of a classic album or the personalized design of a custom vinyl record, displaying these artworks on the wall becomes a celebration of musical passion and personal expression.

Is it Safe to Hang Vinyl Records on the Wall?

Safety is a crucial consideration when hanging vinyl records. While vinyl records are generally lightweight, it's essential to choose a method that does not compromise their integrity. Avoid using adhesives or tapes directly on the records, as these can leave residue and damage the surface. Instead, opt for display options that secure the records without direct contact. This makes sure that scratches, warping, or other forms of damage are avoided.

Vinyl Display Options

Several creative and secure ways exist to display vinyl records on the wall:

1. Vinyl Record Frames:

  • Designed specifically for vinyl records, providing a protective enclosure while showcasing the front and back covers.

2. Record Display Shelves:

  • Floating or dedicated shelves allow you to showcase multiple records at once, creating an eye-catching wall display.

3. Vinyl Record Wall Mounts:

  • Designed for vinyl records, providing a secure way to display records vertically, allowing for easy rotation.

4. DIY Album Cover Display:

  • Create a customizable display using clips, hangers, or string to suspend album covers in an arrangement of your choice.

Common Products to Help with Vinyl Display

Enhance your vinyl display experience with these products:

1. Vinyl Record Frames:

  • Purpose: Safely display vinyl records on the wall.
  • Attributes: Protective casing, easy installation, and the option to switch records.

2. Record Display Shelves:

  • Purpose: Showcase multiple records in an organized and accessible manner.
  • Attributes: Floating or dedicated shelves, sturdy construction, and easy installation.

3. Vinyl Record Wall Mounts:

  • Purpose: Securely mount vinyl records on the wall.
  • Attributes: Vertical display, easy to install, and allows for easy rotation.

4. DIY Album Cover Display Materials:

  • Purpose: Create a customized and artistic display.
  • Attributes: Clips, hangers, or strings for suspending album covers, allowing for flexibility in arrangement.

Custom Vinyl Records from Freestyle Vinyl

One way to seriously elevate your vinyl display experience is with custom vinyl records from Freestyle Vinyl. This unique service allows you to create your own vinyl records, going beyond the standard album display options to showcase not only your personalized music collection but also your personalized vinyl record jacket artwork.

Some of the attributes of custom vinyl records:

  • Personalization: Choose your favorite tracks and design custom artwork to match your aesthetic. Bring the magic of a vinyl record with the personalization and customization that for so long has been reserved for the digital forms of music!
  • Quality pressing: Freestyle Vinyl ensures high-quality custom pressing for an exceptional listening experience.

Display considerations:

  • Perfect for display: Custom vinyl records serve as a perfect display piece alongside a custom audio creation. The unique combination of visual and auditory personalization makes for a distinctive and meaningful display.

Tips for Displaying Custom Vinyl Records:

  • Create a thematic arrangement: Arrange your custom vinyl records in a way that tells a story or showcases a theme. It could be chronological, genre-based, or even color-coordinated.
  • Include information cards: Create small information cards detailing the significance of each custom vinyl record. This adds a personal touch and invites conversation.
  • Rotate your display: Keep your display fresh by rotating custom vinyl records regularly. This ensures that all your creations get their time in the spotlight.

Learning how to hang vinyl records on the wall opens up a world of creative possibilities for music enthusiasts. The vinyl record artwork, whether from classic albums or personalized creations, deserves to be showcased and celebrated. From purpose-designed frames to DIY displays, there are numerous options to safely and stylishly exhibit your vinyl records.

As you embark on creating your vinyl wall display, consider the unique touch that custom vinyl records from Freestyle Vinyl can add. The synergy of personalized artwork and a curated music collection makes for a display that goes beyond aesthetics – it becomes a reflection of your musical journey and a source of daily inspiration. So, bring your vinyl records to the forefront and let the walls resonate with the visual and auditory display of your musical passion.