Best Gifts for Music Lovers

Best Gifts for Music Lovers

There are many great gifts that can be given to music aficionados, especially those that enjoy vinyl! These range from storage and cleaning solutions to exciting accessories, which are just a few of the best gifts for music lovers that can be given for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.

Personalized Vinyl Shows Thoughtfulness and Care

When creating a personalized vinyl record, you want to select a theme. By doing so, you’ll have a generalized framework that will help you determine whether or not a song is a good fit. Themes can be formed based on titles, moods, or an idea. However, the project should still manifest variation in terms of texture, tempo, and mood. For instance, you may want a song list that incorporates upbeat tracks, ballads, and stripped down arrangements. You may also think of this as the record’s brand: the personality, story, musical style, and the core values it represents.

Custom Vinyl Records Are One-of-a-Kind

Vinyl records are already distinct from other formats, including CD, tapes, digital playlists, etc. With large format artwork and the unique experience of playing audio via a turntable and record, you are guaranteed a differentiated listening experience with vinyl.

And your custom vinyl record is even more unique than a simple vinyl! With your own selected playlist, custom art that is 100% yours, and personalized choices down to the color of the vinyl itself, you get to personalize a musical gift like no other product on the planet. 

Vinyl Records Create Lasting Memories

Vinyl records can be completely personalized. You can design stunning cover art that will capture the attention of all who see it and that will make them want to listen to it, even if they’ve never heard the music before. It provides many of the same benefits as a family photo album; except it relies on sound rather than photos. Unlike an MP3, it can be held in your hand and prominently displayed in a location where everyone can see it.

Create memories that you and your loved one(s) can return to time and time again for a reminder of the music and the art that brings you together.

Why Choose Freestyle Vinyl?

Our vinyl recordings produce a lovely analog sound that rings true to the music you know and love. Freestyle Vinyl provides the greatest amount of personalization possible in the music world – custom made for you and your loved ones! Simply put, there is no better gift for the music lover in your life than a personal vinyl record – their own Freestyle Vinyl! 

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