How To Frame Your Custom Vinyl Records

How To Frame Your Custom Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years, not only as a preferred medium for music enthusiasts but also as unique, collectible pieces of art. Music lovers have found ingenious ways to combine their passion for vinyl with home decor, creating stunning displays that showcase the nostalgic charm of these analog gems. In this article, we will explore how to frame vinyl records, uncovering the magic of turning your cherished albums into captivating wall art. We'll also touch on the versatility of custom vinyl records and highlight Freestyle Vinyl's offerings in the realm of personalized vinyl creations.

Why Vinyl Records Make Great Display Pieces

Vinyl records have a timeless appeal that goes beyond their musical content. Their large, eye-catching artwork, often in the form of album covers but also for some records including the inner sleeves or songbook inserts, offers a gateway into the past and a treasure trove of graphic design and cultural history. Here are a few reasons why vinyl records make excellent display pieces:

  1. Iconic Album Art: Vinyl records are known for their iconic album art. These visually stunning covers often serve as a window into the artist's creative vision, making them ideal for framing and showcasing in your home.
  2. Nostalgia and Sentiment: Many vinyl collectors have a deep emotional connection to their records. Framing records can evoke feelings of nostalgia and serve as a reminder of cherished memories associated with the music.
  3. Unique Aesthetic: Vinyl records possess a unique aesthetic that blends modern and retro elements. They add character and charm to any room, making them an intriguing focal point for home decor.
  4. Conversation Starters: Framed vinyl records can spark conversations and provide insight into your musical tastes, creating a personalized atmosphere for your living space.
  5. Preserving the Music: While you can certainly enjoy the audio experience of vinyl records, framing them allows you to protect the vinyl from potential damage while still enjoying the visual appeal of the album cover.

Freestyle Vinyl Offers Custom Vinyl Records and Jackets

In the world of vinyl records, customization opens up a world of possibilities for collectors and music enthusiasts. Freestyle Vinyl offers a range of custom vinyl record options that allow you to transform your favorite songs or memories into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Here's why you might want to consider displaying a custom vinyl record:

  1. Personalized Memories: Custom vinyl records are an excellent way to celebrate special moments in your life, whether it's your first dance as a couple, a milestone birthday, or a graduation ceremony. Freestyle Vinyl lets you select the songs and customize the artwork on your jacket and your labels for a truly personal touch.
  2. Unique Gifts: A custom vinyl record makes for a remarkable gift for friends and family. It's a thoughtful gesture that combines your loved one's favorite songs with a unique keepsake.
  3. Display Versatility: Custom vinyl records can be framed or displayed in various ways, making them adaptable to different decor styles and room settings.
  4. Music Lovers' Art: As both music and art lovers, custom vinyl records are the perfect fusion of two passions. They celebrate not only the music but also the visual aesthetic of vinyl records.

Vinyl Display Particulars

When it comes to framing records, there are some important factors to consider to ensure that your vinyl records remain in pristine condition and look stunning on your walls.

  1. Frame Size and Style: The size of the frame you choose should match the dimensions of the vinyl record cover. Common frame sizes for vinyl records include 12x12 inches, but you can also find frames designed specifically for LPs. Additionally, select a frame style that complements your decor, whether it's a sleek, modern design or a vintage-inspired frame.
  2. Protect the Vinyl: If you're framing a vinyl record that you want to preserve in playable condition, consider using a frame with a protective UV-resistant acrylic or glass. This will shield the album cover and vinyl from dust, moisture, and harmful UV rays while allowing you to enjoy the music without removing it from the frame.
  3. Matting and Mounting: Adding a mat within the frame can provide a polished look and keep the record cover from touching the glass. Matting can be a solid color or a custom design that complements the album cover. Ensure the record cover is securely mounted within the frame to prevent shifting or damage.
  4. Hanging Your Display: Once your vinyl record is framed, choose a suitable location for display. Make sure the frame is securely hung to prevent any damage to the wall or the record. Consider arranging multiple framed records in a visually appealing arrangement to create a unique wall display.

Cool Ways to Display Records

Framing is just one of the many ways to display vinyl records creatively. Here are some other cool vinyl display ideas:

  1. Vinyl Record Shelves: Install wall-mounted shelves designed to hold vinyl records. These shelves can be adjusted to accommodate your collection, allowing you to showcase your favorite albums while keeping them easily accessible.
  2. Vinyl Record Frames: Use record frames that open like a book to display the record cover and vinyl inside. This design allows you to switch out records easily and adds a dynamic element to your decor.
  3. Record Crates: Vintage-style record crates or wooden boxes offer a rustic and functional way to display your vinyl records. You can stack them or use them as end tables, combining storage with a stylish display.
  4. Vinyl Record Wall Art: Arrange a group of framed records in a visually appealing pattern on your wall, creating a striking focal point. Mix and match different cover designs for an eclectic and eye-catching display.
  5. Vinyl Record Room Divider: If you have a large vinyl collection, consider using your records as a room divider or partition. This not only adds a unique design element to your space but also defines separate areas.


Vinyl records have transcended their role as mere music carriers to become cherished pieces of art and nostalgia. Framing vinyl records allows you to celebrate your love for music and design, transforming your living space into a haven for audiophiles and art enthusiasts alike. The versatility of custom vinyl records from Freestyle Vinyl opens the door to even more creative possibilities, enabling you to customize your own musical memories.

Whether you choose to frame your favorite albums, display them on shelves, or incorporate them into your home decor in other imaginative ways, vinyl records offer a touch of elegance, character, and conversation-starting charm. So, why not explore the cool ways to display records and start turning your cherished collection into captivating wall art? Embrace the synergy of music and design, and let your vinyl records become more than just excellent audio experiences but also exceptional display pieces that enrich your living space.