Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, where you can find answers to the most commonly asked 
questions about Freestyle Vinyl and our custom vinyl records!

1. Upload Process

2. The Audio

3. Timing, Shipping & Returns

4. Jackets, Labels & The Vinyl

5. General Questions

1. The Custom Vinyl Record Upload Process

How Does The Upload Process Work?
Our upload process is super straightforward. No zip files, no extra emails, just a process designed to be as quick and easy as possible. It all starts with a purchase... Take a look at the upload process here: How To Upload Files with Freestyle Vinyl!
Can I Submit My Own Custom Jacket Artwork?
Yes! When you purchase your record with a custom jacket, it will come automatically with a standard back jacket that includes our logo (hey, we're proud to be part of your project!) and your playlist. If you would like to upload your own back cover, you will be able to do so... most do! 

We will print exactly what you submit, and do not add any text or graphics to your design. We may make small adjustments to ensure your design is centered or white space is minimized, but do not count on our editorial expertise! Submit your design exactly as you want it printed.
Can I Turn My Favorite CD or Tape into a Custom Vinyl Record?
If you have purchased a copy of your music on CD or tape, the easiest way to make a personal copy on vinyl is to "rip" your tracks from the CD / tape into digital files - mp3s. 

Once you have completed that step, simply follow the upload process to create your personalized vinyl record!

2. The Audio For Your Custom Vinyl Record

What Kinds of Files Can Be Uploaded for My Custom Vinyl Record?
mp3, mp4, and wav files will work. Unfortunately we are not able to use other large-format file types like .flac.

To ensure high-quality sound, we recommend any file uploaded be at least 200 kbps - above 300 would be ideal. The higher the better!
Can I Use a Streaming Service to Build My Record?
No! If you utilize a streaming service to listen to music, that's great. But you don't own those songs, and can't upload them to our system. 

This includes Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. and also applies to YouTube videos.
Do I Need to Get My Audio Mastered for Vinyl?
Freestyle Vinyl's state-of-the-art lathe technology includes auto-mastering software that means you do not need to have your audio mastered for vinyl. 

Like any other auto-master service, this is a "good for most" solution, and if you have very particular needs from your master, you may well achieve  best results by having your own mastering work done! 
Can I Add a Personal Message / Voice Track to My Custom Record?
Absolutely! Voice recorder apps like Voice Memo, Rev, and others can all produce tracks with excellent sound quality. You can build your record with any type of audio file -- it doesn't necessarily need to be music! 

If you'd like to add a voice message to a "no mp3 required" album, just mark that personal message as a track on your playlist, and email the track to us at
How Many Songs Can I Fit on My Custom Vinyl Record?
We have cut records with as little as one track, and as many as 30 tracks. No matter how many tracks you have, each custom record can only hold a certain amount of audio time
  • 12" records can hold 22 minutes per side 
  • 10" picture discs can hold 12 minutes on one side 
  • 7" records can hold 6 minutes per side (Side A only or Side A + B available)

3. Timing, Shipping & Returns

What Is Your Returns / Refunds Policy?
We can provide refunds at any point if production has not yet begun on your record. As our products are custom-made, one-of-a-kind creations, once the product has been made we cannot provide refunds.

Expediting fees are nonrefundable once production has started. Gift cards are nonrefundable.

Replacements may occur when your record has arrived with a defect that materially affects the quality of the record playback. Examples include warped sound, consistent skipping, or tracks that you did not request being used in the production of the record.

Although our records are designed to be enjoyed for years, vinyl records are a physical media, and may wear down after repeated use or by scratchings, bumps, or other household mishaps. As such, all replacement requests must be made within 6 months of the date your vinyl was delivered.

Your return will be processed as follows:
  1. We will email you a return shipping label. Affix that return label to the original packaging, making sure to cover the original shipping label.  
  2. Secure the package and drop it off at your nearest USPS location (or simply with your outgoing mail).  
  3. NOTE: All returns must be shipped in original packaging or a box that is able to maintain the integrity of the vinyl itself. Any records returned in bags or padded envelopes will be returned to sender without opening and the return canceled. 
  4. NOTE: All records must be returned in the sleeve and jacket. Mailing an unprotected record guarantees it will be damaged in transit; your record will be returned to sender and the return canceled. 
  5. We will examine the returned record for defects and determine whether the record should be returned or replaced. 
Please note that we are happy to send replacement record labels if your custom label did not print correctly. However, as custom labels are a free, non-guaranteed service we provide for our customers, we will not be able to replace an entire album due to a custom label issue. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for any returns to be analyzed and communicated.

If you make additional edits after submitting your record for production (e.g. requesting a new jacket photo, or changing out a song), we will do our best, but manual updates may not get reflected in your order. If your order does not reflect manual updates made after the fact, we will do our best to issue a replacement, however will not be able to provide a refund. Please do your best to have complete information available upon purchase!
Do You Ship to My Country?
Almost certainly, we do! You can find shipping rates and times in the Shipping page of the checkout process. Those rates and times are set by the USPS, and depend on the exact address you are shipping to.

Please note that your country may charge customs fees for merchandise shipped from the US. That may be a separate charge determined by your country's customs authorities. Unfortunately we are not able to pay those customs fees on your behalf, and you may be contacted by your customs authority to pay them.
How Long Does It Take to Make a Custom Vinyl Record ?
At Freestyle Vinyl, most orders are shipped within 1-3 weeks. If you're in a rush, we offer "Front of the Line" services. With "Front of the Line" you will be the next record we cut! 
  • With a pre-set jacket, your record will ship within 2 business days 
  • With a custom jacket, your record will ship within 5 business days.
Please note that "Front of the Line" service is the only way to guarantee a delivery date.

4. Jackets, Labels, and the Custom Vinyl Itself

What Kind of Material Are Your Jackets Made Of?
All of our custom vinyl record jackets are made of the highest-quality-possible material. Blank and spray-painted pattern jackets are made with non-glossy surface so that you can easily draw, write, and otherwise design your jacket further once it gets to you. 

Our custom jackets are thick, durable material with a true spine that also prints in full, true color. They're perfect for display, while standing up just as strong (if not stronger) than a standard jacket!

We do not recommend printing specifically for the spine, as the custom jacket printing process is just imprecise enough that we are not able to guarantee the exact placement of your spine text / graphics. Rather, your front jacket design will 'wrap' around the spine! 
What Can I Expect from the Listening Experience?
Generally, you can expect a high-quality (and certainly 100% unique-to-you) vinyl listening experience! But it is important to remember that lathe-cut records are not the same as mass-pressed vinyl. 

As a result, there are a few differences to expect:
  1. Lathe-cut records carry a different background noise than pressed vinyl. You may even notice a 'hum' in between tracks. 
  2. The start and end points of the groove may not line up to pre-set turntable settings (although our records will play on any turntable). This simply means that you may need to (i) manually set the stylus onto the groove to start the record, and/or (ii) turn off settings that automatically lifts / stop the tone arm at the end of the record.

If there are any quality concerns or questions, always feel free to reach out!
How Many Minutes Of Audio Can I Fit On My Custom Vinyl Record?
Freestyle Vinyl offers best-in-class audio times for each type of vinyl record we sell, maxing out at 22 minutes per side for a 12" record: 
  1. 7" singles: 6 minutes of audio per side
  2. 10" records: 12 minutes of audio per side.
  3. 12" records: 22 minutes o audio per side.
These time limits allow us to provide the most audio possible, while also preserving the high quality our customers expect! 
What Speed Will My Custom Vinyl Record Be?
Your custom record will adhere to standard rpm options available on all standard turntables:
  1. 12" records: 33rpm
  2. 10" records: 33rpm
  3. 7" records: 45rpm
If you need a different rpm for your record, we may be able to accommodate -- reach out with your request!  
Will the Custom Jacket Print "True" to My Digital File?
Generally speaking, yes! However, just as there is a difference going from an mp3 to a vinyl record, there are differences going from digital photo to printed jacket: 

Dark details (e.g. very subtle changes in color on the black/brown side of the color spectrum) may get lost. We recommend adding brightness to your jacket design to ensure details are printed clearly.

Your custom jacket design may include up to 1/2" of bleed when printed. Keep all important text or graphics at least 1/2" off of the edge to ensure there is no loss of critical details.

Please always keep in mind that we print exactly what you submit for a custom jacket, and do not add any text, graphics, or other details prior to printing!
Can I Update My Order After Purchase?
The short answer is yes! The longer answer is below...

The custom vinyl creation process is very detailed and laborious, and our production team will do its best to accommodate changes made after the point of purchase (as long as production has not yet started on your record). 

If your order does not reflect manual updates made after the fact, we will do our best to issue a replacement, however will not be able to provide a refund. Please do your best to have complete information available upon purchase!
What Can I Print On My Custom Vinyl Artwork?
Freestyle Vinyl reserves the right to refuse to print a jacket or label if the content is deemed to be: 
  • Sexually or physically intimidating, discriminating, harassing, or otherwise controversial 
  • Promoting violence, pornographic / overtly erotic, or otherwise in the opinion of Freestyle Vinyl inappropriate or offensive 
  • Unlawful or harmful to a third party 
Basically - if you wouldn't want your mom to see it, we won't make our employees print it. Keep it PG-13 people! 

If there are concerns with your printable materials, we will reach out to discuss with you and ask you to change them. If you refuse to update your printable materials per the above stipulations, Freestyle Vinyl reserves the right to cancel your original order.
Do You Offer Colored Vinyl?
We are currently offering black, clear, red, and white records! 

We are always looking at adding other colors so if you'd like to see a specific color, let us know at!
 Will My Record Be Cut in Stereo, or Mono?
A vinyl record will not contain the same level of stereo effects as is possible within your digital files. That is just a limitation of the vinyl medium. While most lathe-cut vinyl records will be entirely mono, our state-of-the-art lathes do allow for some stereo playback.

Our rule of thumb is that your record will have about 25-30% of the stereo effects held in your digital file. 
Can I Make My Own Center Label?
Yes! Each record is produced with our standard record label. It includes a take on our logo and your track list. However, if you have your own design, we'd be happy to print them for you. 

Once you purchase your record, email us at to send us your custom label so that we can attach it to your custom record.

As with custom jackets, we will print exactly what you submit, and will not add any text or graphics. For reference, our center labels are 3.5" in diameter, and we recommend keeping any important text or graphics at least 1/4" off the edge to account for printing 'bleed'.
Do You Sell Custom Gatefold Jackets?
Yes! If you purchase 2 records and would like them to arrive in a plain white gatefold jacket, please email us to let us know. There will be no extra charge.

If you would like to purchase a custom gatefold jacket, you can do so here:
Do You Sell Custom Gatefold Jackets?
Our system will reject jacket files for one of three reasons: 
  1. The file is too small to print clearly. All photos are required to be at least 1,000 pixels tall / wide. In order to print at maximum clarity, you should ensure your photo is at least 3,00 pixels tall / wide
  2. The file size is too large. Keep it under 10mb!
  3. The file is the wrong type. Our system can accept PNG and JPG/JPEG photo files. Other formats like pdf or .ai files are not accepted.
If you have any questions about your files, please feel free to contact us at!
What Size Photo Do I Need For My Custom Jacket File?
We require at least 1,000 pixels tall / wide to make sure your record photo will print. 

In order to print cleanly and crisply, we highly recommend your photos contain at least 3,000 pixels tall / wide. 

Please note that your custom jacket should follow the below guidelines:
  • All text and important graphics should remain at least 1/2" away from the photo edge. 
  • The front and back jacket may not perfectly align, due to the highly customized nature of printing one jacket at a time. Solid colors are better for alignment than stripes / patterns.
  • In order to ensure you receive exactly what you want, we do not add text or graphics to your jacket after you have submitted your files. Please add any text or graphics before you upload your jacket.
Do You Provide A Proof Before Printing My Custom Jacket?
We print exactly what you submit, so the proof is the photo(s) you used! We won't send another proof, as that would be redundant.

All specs and dimensions are included in our uploader tools, and our system will reject a file that doesn't work for your jacket. 

So, once you've successfully submitted your artwork, that is all you need to do! Our team will custom-print your artwork for you.
Will You Design My Artwork For Me?
As much as we love cutting and printing your custom creations, we are not designers, and so do not create artwork on your behalf.

We follow this policy to ensure that you receive exactly what you would like, and there are no miscommunications or worries about incorrect font type, text size, cropping, etc. 

If you are not sure how to add text or other elements to your design, we like to recommend or! 

5. General Questions

Can I Get A Bulk Order Discount?
Please email us at to discuss! We would love to be a part of your project. Each record is lathe-cut in real time, so each record takes significant time and effort form our production team. So we can't slash and burn prices. But we love to make vinyl dreams come true, so we'll see what we can do!
Are There Per-Song Charges or Other Hidden Fees?
Absolutely not. All costs are reflected in the straightforward number you see on the website!
Can You Record Your Own Music On Vinyl?
Yes! You can create your own audio files, whether they are voice memos, musical songs, or anything else you can dream up. As long as you have the mp3s, you can put it on a vinyl!
Can I Produce a Freestyle Vinyl Custom Record for Commercial Use?
Are you creating a record with music that you created and performed? Then yes! 

Are you using tracks that you have purchased? Then you are only able to create a record(s) for personal use. Copyright law is clear: You can create a mix of music you have already purchased (like we used to do with mixtapes and CDs) but you cannot then sell that mix as your own work.
Will My Custom Record Play on a Standard Turntable?
Yes!  Your personalized record is designed to play on just about any turntable. 

One caveat... Your custom record may not align with a turntable's (or jukebox's) automated functions, like auto-start and auto-stop. You may need to turn those auto-settings off and hand-place your needle in the groove in order to play your record.
Do You Sell Gift Cards?
Yes!  You can find our gift card options via this link.
Is It Possible to Get A Custom Vinyl Made?
Yes!  You can create your custom vinyl record with Freestyle Vinyl, in 12", 10", or 7" sizes. Customize your audio and artwork for a 100% unique-to-you vinyl record.
How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vinyl Record?
With Freestyle Vinyl, you can create one unique record starting at $29.99. Unlike pressed records, your order can start at just one copy!
Can You Burn Songs Onto A Vinyl?
If you have created and own tracks, you can use Freestyle Vinyl to "burn" your tracks onto a vinyl, just like you used to be able to do with a mixtape or CD! 
Can You Turn a Playlist into a Vinyl?
If you have created and own tracks, you can use Freestyle Vinyl to "burn" your tracks onto a vinyl, just like you used to be able to do with a mixtape or CD!