12" Vinyl - Upload Your Tracks

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12" Vinyl - Upload Your Tracks 

Freestyle Vinyl is bringing back the mixtape – on vinyl! 

For decades, we put our favorite music on mixtapes and CDs to share with friends, lovers, and family. But then, digital music took over and the mixtape died. 

Vinyl is now the way to own music - it sounds great, looks awesome, and creates a vintage-cool vibe every time it spins. But there is no CD burner for vinyl, no tapedeck for records. The mixtape was dead.

Until now. 

How to Create Your Own Vinyl

  • You've got the tunes, we've got the vinyl. Hit "Add to Cart" and let's get started!
  • Upon checkout, you'll receive an email with a link to your dashboard in the Freestyle Vinyl Upload Center.
  • Upload your files, review, and submit. We'll take it from there!
  • We cut your record, and probably have a dance party while listening to your awesome music.
  • You get to enjoy the coolest, most unique vinyl record known to man – your very own Freestyle Vinyl!
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    1. Our 12" records can fit a maximum of 22 minutes of music on each side.
    2. Most orders ship within 1-3 weeks after you order.
    3. In a rush? Select "Front of the Line" service at checkout and your record will be shipped within 2 business days (5 with a custom jacket) 
    4. You cannot use links to songs from subscription services like Apple Music or Spotify! You must have files available to upload. 
    5. Curious about how the upload process works? Take a look at the Freestyle Vinyl Upload Center here: How To Upload Files with Freestyle Vinyl!

      Any questions? Click the FAQ button at the top of the page, or hit up the Contact Us page and drop us a line. We can’t wait to help you build your perfect vinyl mixtape!

      Customer Reviews

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      didymus smith

      12" Vinyl - Upload Your Tracks

      Malisa Kundin
      Priceless Gifts-Amazing Quality

      I am so happy to have found freestyle vinyl! I have uploaded mp3s for two record albums, so far, for gifts for my audiophile husband. Both have been big hits with him, couldn't be happier. Most importantly the amazing quality of the albums blow us both away. Each of my separate orders were quickly and expertly made and shipped with careful packaging to boot. I will not hesitate to use freestyle vinyl again.

      Troy Barnes
      Always a pleasure

      We use freestyle to turn our audio guest book files into vinyl records for our clients. Easy to work with!!!!

      Great - would/will do again

      Honestly, I thought I was set up for disappointment: when I received my vinyl, several of the songs skipped or had a “swishing” sound in them. I got in touch with Freestyle, and they were receptive to this. I sent my record back for them to analyze and they turned around a new one pretty quickly. My expectations were relatively low given the initial experience… but the replacement was fantastic! It plays flawlessly and I play it often, so my first one must have been an outlier.

      I’m getting married in October and am hoping to make 7” records for my groomsmen from two songs that are important to my fiancé and me. I hope Freestyle will do the order because I know they’d knock it out of the park if they did — and their personable customer service is just as impressive as their product.


      I LOVE these mixed vinyls! I've now given one to my dad and one to my hubby, and I tell everyone I know that they need to go mix some vinyl with you.

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Mindy! We loved creating your album, and can't wait for more!

      Customer Reviews

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