Upload Process - A Quick Primer

Our upload process is very straightforward!

It all starts once you order. You'll receive an order confirmation email with a link to your personal dashboard in the Freestyle Vinyl Upload Center. There you can upload your files, edit set your playlist, and submit for production. 

 1. Access your dashboard from the link in your Order Confirmation email

 Your dashboard will look something like this: 

Upload custom vinyl record maker

 2. Click on your album to begin. That will take you to the "My Media" page, where you can upload your files: 

Custom vinyl record jacket sleeve

Create your own custom vinyl record gift

 3. Next, in the Playlist section, click "Add Tracks". Select your tracks, scroll down, and click "Add". The total amount of music on each side is automatically tracked as you upload: 

 Custom vinyl record mixtape playlist upload

Custom vinyl record gift

4. Edit your track information (if you want). You can make sure each song has perfect capitalization/spelling, or you can make each song title a personal message. Whatever you'd like!

Custom vinyl record maker

5. Add your jacket. If you have purchased a custom jacket, you can also select your front (and back, if you'd like) jacket images. 

Personalized custom jacket vinyl record playlist mix

6. On the final page, you can review everything one last time, and click "Submit". We are now in the process of making your album!

upload personalized vinyl record playlist mixtape

7. Sit back and wait for your 100% customized, personalized vinyl record to arrive!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ, or let us know via the Contact Us page