Why Are Vinyl Records Coming Back? All You Need to Know

Why Are Vinyl Records Coming Back? All You Need to Know

Recent times have seen a huge chunk of music fans and collectors renewing their interest in vinyl records. With so many people both young and old turning to physical music formats, it's no wonder records are making a comeback. For many years, records have hugely been overshadowed by advanced digital music formats but recent years have seen their popularity begin to grow. So why are vinyl records coming back? Read on as we try to find out why vinyl records are making a remarkable comeback in the music scene. 

Vinyl Records are Considered Real and Authentic

A lot of people prefer vinyl records as they have a higher degree of “realness” and authenticity when compared to digital music formats. Most modern-day music is of course consumed through digital downloads and streaming services (listening to your phone while commuting or working out is a major victory of the modern life!). However, vinyl records offer an uncommon connection to music in a manner that is meaningful. 

Moreover, you get to connect more with the music on the records as they require regular care and maintenance. You have to store and clean them from time to time and prepare them before placing them on the record player’s needle for listening. We would argue that a deeper connection is made through the real and tactile experience that comes from connecting with – and taking care of – your music in real terms.  

They Can Be Collected and Displayed

Digital formats may be light and portable – and endless in their selection – but they do not offer the tangibility that vinyl records offer. Music enthusiasts and collectors are turning to vinyl records as they are the best of the physical media. A major reason for being the “best of the physical” is that they are the best to keep on display! With large format artwork and inserts (e.g. liner notes), records provide a physical entity that music lovers can hold, feel and admire, in stark contrast to digital formats and smaller physical media (e.g. tapes, CDs). 

They Offer an Exceptional Listening Experience

Vinyl records are making a comeback thanks to the unique listening experience that they provide. The warm and rich sound they produce cannot be matched by even the most advanced digital formats like CDs and MP3s. That is why the quality of music produced by vinyl records is often perceived to be more organic as compared to what digital music sources produce. In short, vinyl records turn the 1s and 0s of the digital landscape into a real, tactile, well-rounded audio experience.

The Emergence of the Indie Music Scene

Another reason why the popularity of vinyl records is gaining traction is the emergence of the indie music scene. Independent labels and musicians are drawn to vinyl records as a means to distribute and popularize their music. The best thing about vinyl records is that they offer a remarkable physical format allowing independent labels and musicians to come up with products that are memorable and unique. 

Creating exceptional products with the help of vinyl records makes it easy for them to stand out against their competitors in an overly crowded market. The renewed interest in music has made many independent records thrive and enjoy musical success. 

Time to Collect Some Vinyl Records

Indeed, vinyl records are making a comeback and they are here to stay. There are several reasons why that is happening including their exceptional sound, their collective or tangible feel, realness and authenticity, and preference in the independent music industry.