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Where is the best place to buy vinyl records online?

Where Can I Buy Vinyl Records Online?

It's challenging to provide an exact number of websites that sell vinyl records on the internet due to the constantly changing nature of online commerce and the vast number of small, niche, and regional sellers that may not be widely known or cataloged. However, vinyl records are popular among music enthusiasts, and there are thousands of websites worldwide where vinyl records are sold. These include large retailers, specialized music stores, independent record labels, marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, and individual sellers on platforms like Discogs and Bandcamp.

To give a rough estimate, there are likely tens of thousands of websites globally that offer vinyl records for sale, catering to various tastes, genres, and collector interests. The number continues to grow as vinyl's resurgence in popularity persists and more sellers enter the market to meet demand from collectors and audiophiles alike.

Buy Vinyl Records (And Other Merch) Direct From The Artist!

As a music lover, there's something uniquely satisfying about supporting your favorite artists directly by purchasing their records and merchandise. When you buy directly from the artist or their official website, you're not just acquiring great vinyl records; you're making a direct impact on their career and creative endeavors. Here are compelling reasons why purchasing from artists is beneficial:

Firstly, buying from the artist ensures that a greater share of your purchase directly supports them financially. While big retailers like Amazon or Target offer convenience and a wide selection, they often take a significant portion of the profits. By buying from the artist, more of your money goes directly into their pockets, allowing them to continue creating music and supporting their livelihood.

Secondly, purchasing directly from artists often provides access to exclusive merchandise and limited-edition items that you won't find in mainstream stores. Many musicians offer special editions of albums, signed copies, or unique merchandise items that are only available through their official channels. These items can become cherished collectibles and hold sentimental value beyond their monetary worth.

Moreover, buying from artists fosters a closer connection between fans and musicians. It's a way to show appreciation and solidarity for the art they create. Many artists include personalized notes, thank-you cards, or even interact directly with fans through social media or email when orders are placed through their official channels. This personal touch enhances the overall experience of being a fan and creates a sense of community around the artist's work.

Lastly, purchasing directly from artists can contribute to a more sustainable and ethical music industry. Independent artists and smaller labels often face challenges competing with major retailers and streaming platforms. By supporting them directly, you're helping to sustain a diverse music ecosystem where creativity thrives and artists have more control over their careers.

In conclusion, while big retailers offer convenience and accessibility, buying records and merchandise directly from artists is a meaningful way to support the music you love on a deeper level. It strengthens the bond between artist and fan, provides financial support where it's most needed, and enriches your music collection with unique, often exclusive items. So next time you're considering adding to your music collection, consider bypassing the giants and supporting the artists who create the music that moves you.

Some Online Recommendations

If you’re looking for rare records or just need an easier path than going directly through the artist, here are five websites where you can buy records online:

  1. Discogs - A comprehensive marketplace for music enthusiasts, Discogs offers a wide range of new and used vinyl records, as well as CDs and other music formats. Sellers from around the world list their items, making it a great place to find rare and collectible records.
  2. Amazon - Amazon's extensive catalog includes new vinyl releases, reissues, and popular titles across various genres. Prime members can benefit from fast shipping options, and customer reviews often provide helpful insights into album quality.
  3. Vinyl Me, Please - This subscription-based service focuses on delivering curated vinyl records, often featuring exclusive pressings and special editions. They also have an online store where you can purchase individual records without a subscription.
  4. Bandcamp - Known for supporting independent artists and labels, Bandcamp allows you to buy vinyl records directly from musicians and smaller labels. It's a great platform to discover new music while supporting artists directly.
  5. Rough Trade - A renowned independent record store with locations in London, New York, and online. Rough Trade offers a curated selection of vinyl records, including new releases, exclusives, and limited editions, alongside other music-related merchandise.

These websites provide diverse options for buying vinyl records online, catering to both collectors seeking rare finds and enthusiasts looking for new releases and favorite classics.

Custom Vinyl Records

For those looking for an incredibly unique vinyl experience, you can make a custom vinyl record mixtape with Freestyle Vinyl! Creating a personalized album allows you to curate a personalized selection of songs or audio content onto your vinyl records, creating perfect gifts for music lovers or personal collectibles. Here’s how you can go about making a custom vinyl record mixtape:

  1. Choose Your Content: Select the songs or audio tracks you want to include on your mixtape. This could be a compilation of your favorite songs, a themed playlist, personal recordings, or even a spoken word collection.
  2. Prepare Your Tracks: Ensure that your audio files are in a high-quality digital format suitable for mastering onto vinyl. If you have analog recordings or tapes, they may need to be digitized and cleaned up for optimal sound quality.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Mastering for Vinyl: Vinyl mastering involves optimizing the audio specifically for vinyl playback. This includes adjusting levels, frequencies, and dynamics to ensure the best possible sound quality and compatibility with the vinyl medium.
  4. Design Your Record: Choose the artwork and design for your custom vinyl record. This could involve creating a custom label for the vinyl itself and designing a cover or sleeve for the record jacket.
  5. Place Your Order: Once you've finalized your design and audio files, submit them to Freestyle Vinyl. You can choose your vinyl color, packaging, and other customization details. Prices and turnaround times can vary, so be sure to review these details before placing your order.
  6. Receive Your Custom Vinyl Record: After production, you'll receive your custom vinyl record mixtape! Enjoy listening to your curated collection on a format that combines the nostalgia and warmth of vinyl with the personal touch of your selected tracks.

Making a custom vinyl record mixtape is a fantastic way to celebrate music and create a tangible, personalized memento. Whether it's for yourself or as a gift for someone special, it's a unique way to showcase your favorite music or audio content in a format that's both timeless and memorable.