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Top 7 Greatest Vinyl Records Of All Time

If you own a record player, you probably have a wonderful collection of albums with your favorite music – or are working on building it up. Vinyl is the best and, once again, the most popular physical media for audio, with superior sound quality and overall listening experience to any other mode of listening.

Which albums best showcase this format? Whether you're buying vinyl records as a collector yourself or to give to someone special, these are 10 great vinyl records to get.

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (2013)

Random Access Memories, Daft Punk's most memorable album, is more 1970s disco than 1990s rave. The careers of producer Giorgio Moroder and producer-guitarist Nile Rodgers were both bolstered by this record.

Amy Winehouse: Back to Black (2006)

Amy Winehouse's Back to Black is unquestionably one of the best albums recorded since the turn of the century. It perfectly represents her tragically short life in amber. This LP, which Mark Ronson recorded at Daptone Records, belongs in any self-respecting collection.

Portishead: Dummy (1994)

Depending on how you're feeling when you listen to Portishead's Dummy, there are various meanings. It might serve as the music for your upcoming dinner party or get you through a difficult time like a breakup. The final track, Glory Box is one of the greatest songs ever to be written in our opinion

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here (1975)

This is our favorite Pink Floyd record, though every fan has their own. The title track on side B is just devastating, whereas the first side is like a drug trip without any chemicals.

The Beatles: Abbey Road (1969)

Every vinyl enthusiast likely has at least one Beatles' LP in their collection, as their foundational music is still extremely popular even 50 years after the band disbanded.

Although the Sgt. Pepper stereo remix was widely publicized a few years ago, we prefer the band's penultimate album, Abbey Road. The 2009 remastered version is already excellent, but the 50th anniversary remix really brings the album into the present day.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: Moanin' (1959)

The best jazz vinyl records deserve their own gallery, but here's one you don't hear as much. Moanin' by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers was released around the same time as more well-known albums like Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and Time Out by Dave Brubeck, but it is every bit as iconic.

A Custom Vinyl Record

While this isn’t a specific record per se, we just had to include it. Getting yourself a custom-made record is a fun and fresh experience any record collector and enthusiast can have. It’s like creating your own mixtape, but in high-fidelity, vinyl form.

You can fully customize a 10” picture disc with your own artwork or picture and 12 minutes of tracks that you adore. If you want to make your own album-length record, go for the 12” custom vinyl record! You’ll be able to include up to 22 minutes of music on each side. Whatever your playlist, we can help you create the vinyl to match!