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How To Make Your Own Custom Vinyl Records

For decades, we’ve selected our favorite music and put it on mixtapes and CDs to send to our family, friends, and that special someone… or even just to enjoy ourselves! But as the digital age started, CDs and tapes have largely died. However, there’s been a resurgence of vinyl in recent years, as people ride a wave of nostalgia while also enjoying vinyl’s warm sound, large-format artwork, and cool vibe on today’s newest music as well.

High-quality music never goes out of style. So, what better gift to get for yourself or a loved one, than a custom vinyl record? In this article, we’ll go through all the steps you need to make your one-of-a-kind vinyl record.

Select a Custom Vinyl Record Vendor

Lucky for you, you’ve arrived at the right place. Freestyle Vinyl is bringing back the mixtape, on vinyl, and nobody does it better than us.

Since 2017, Freestyle Vinyl has dedicated itself to making music in its purest form - on vinyl, in hi-fidelity, and with your favorite people by your side.

At Freestyle Vinyl, we take that mission seriously. At our HQ workshop in Chicago, we have hand cut and hand-crafted over 30,000 custom vinyl records—and counting—for our wonderful customers! You can trust that your favorite jams will come to life on the high-quality records we deliver.

Select A Vinyl Record Size

The first thing to determine is how many tracks you want to put on your custom vinyl record. Our 12” custom vinyl records can accommodate up to 22 minutes of music on one side, which works out to about 10 songs in total! Our 10" picture discs can hold 12 minutes on one side, and our 7" custom vinyl records can hold 6 minutes per side (Side A only or Side A + B available)

Build Your Playlist

Once you've decided on the songs you want, you can build your playlist either by uploading the mp3 files directly onto our system on the product pages, or by keying in the tracks to be purchased on your behalf!

The first option is also great if you aren’t looking to solely include songs but rather voice memos or other personal notes on your vinyl. Remember, this vinyl is uniquely yours, so feel free to include whatever you like!

Finishing Touches and Shipping

After you’re done building that legendary playlist, it’s time to customize your jacket with your own designs and pictures, or select one of our pre-made designs. If you’re getting it as a gift, a customized jacket is a great way to add one final personal touch to the already thoughtful gift!

Select a unique vinyl color or stick with the tried-and-true black vinyl record.

Then, it’s time for you to sit back, relax, and await the arrival of your custom record, which will be shipped in 1-3 weeks.

Get Yourself a Custom Vinyl Record Today

Vinyl records have become increasingly popular as the voices are more distinct and the music has more depth than digital music. When music is cut onto a vinyl record, the engineer works very hard to ensure that the track's quality is unblemished. As a result, the vocal track is produced in the most natural-sounding way. The instruments are blended together so that they don't compete with one another as well. Why wait? Get yourself a customized record today!