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Custom Vinyl Records: How Do They Work?

Vinyl records have been around since 1877, and these large discs have been enjoyed by generations ever since. With the resurgence of this retro gem, getting a custom vinyl record for your collection or a special someone is the latest trend now! You may be wondering, "How do vinyl records work?" And more importantly, how do I customize one? We’ll answer these questions, so read on to learn more!

How Music is Transferred to a Vinyl

Everything begins in a recording studio, where musicians collaborate with engineers to create their albums. After that, the audio is sent for mastering, which is the process of getting the album ready for repurposing.

The warmth and depth of vinyl records that have been properly mastered set them apart from the audio’s digital versions.

At this point, a traditional vinyl press (typically) gets involved. A master copy is produced on lacquer and is used to create test cuts, with any adjustments then taken into account for the final pressing, where “hockey pucks” of vinyl material get pressed into a mold created from the master.

For lathe-cut records, you can skip this process. Your master is your final vinyl record product, with final mastering adjustments made in real time by a qualified vinyl lathe operator.

This lathe operator is extremely important to the lathe cutting process, as they are the “first line of defense” against skips, volume issues, and other common errors. 

Select a Custom Vinyl Record Vendor

Lucky for you, Freestyle Vinyl is an expert at making customized vinyl records of various types and sizes.

Since 2017, Freestyle Vinyl has made it a priority to create music in its most authentic form, on vinyl, in high definition.

We at Freestyle Vinyl are committed to achieving that goal. Over 30,000 personalized vinyl records have been hand-cut and hand-created for our lovely customers right from our headquarters workshop in Chicago. With our mastering expertise, careful quality control training, and passion for music in all its forms, you can rely on the top-notch vinyl records we provide to bring your favorite tracks to life.

Determine The Right Type of Vinyl Record for You

The number of tracks you want to include on your personalized vinyl record should be a key consideration. On one side of our 12" custom vinyl records, you can fit up to 22 minutes of audio, or typically about 10 songs. Our 7" single custom vinyl records can hold 6 minutes per side (Side A only or Side A + B available). Though small, this option is perfect if you're looking to record a special voice memo for a loved one or convert that one song that is an all-time favorite of yours into vinyl form. Our 10” picture discs can hold up to 12 minutes of audio on one side.

Create your playlist, select the right product for you, and get to creating your very own Freestyle Vinyl!

Adding the Final Touches and Shipping

Once you've finished creating that unique playlist, you can further personalize your record with a unique vinyl color and custom artwork on your record jacket. Or, you can’t go wrong with a standard black vinyl and one of our pre-set jacket designs. Either way, your record will make a very meaningful gift (if you're getting the vinyl record as a gift) or a fantastic personal keepsake!

Once your bespoke record has been dispatched (which should take 1-3 weeks), it's time for you to kick back, relax, and anticipate its arrival.