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8 Gift Ideas That Vinyl Record Lovers Will Love

Whether you're a seasoned vinyl head or a newly-initiated enthusiast, there is no shortage of things available to enhance your experience of collecting and listening to records. We've chosen the best gifts for vinyl record lovers across a range of price points, from stocking stuffers like headphone jacks and stylus cleaners to larger presents like record bags and speakers. The music fan in your life will surely like these gems!

A Custom Vinyl Record

This is the ultimate gift for the record collector in your life. Fill up a 12” custom vinyl record with songs that remind you of your gift recipient, or a list of tracks that you just know they will love! This personalized gift is both thoughtful and a very fitting piece to add to their beloved collection.

Turntable Adapter 45RPM

Show those 7" vinyl records some love in your life! With the help of this practical adaptor, you may play a dinked 7" record on a regular turntable. It's the ideal little yet mighty present because it's always missing and always required.

Headphone Adapter, 1/4-inch, 3.5mm to 6.35mm Jack

The headphone jack is a necessary component for DJ setups as well as private home listening. It’s one of those incredibly helpful products that is incredibly easy to lose and you can never have too many of.

Brush for Record Cleaning

Carbon fibers are used in vinyl brushes to reduce static charges while eliminating dust and other small particles that could impair the sound quality of your record, and prevent damage to your needle. It's an essential piece for any vinyl collector.

Stroboscope Turntable Alignment Mats

With the help of this stroboscopic disc, you can precisely calibrate the rotational speed of your turntable. On the other hand, convenient cartridge alignment indications will help you to ensure that all turntable appendages are in excellent condition.

Record Cleaning Set

A clean and smooth-running record is one that lets your stylus move smoothly across its surface like an Olympic figure skater. This is particularly crucial if you're purchasing used records, as a clean record guarantees that your needles will last longer and not be damaged from excessive dust, dirt, and muck buildup. Purchase a sound cleaning package for both dry and wet cleaning for the record collector in your life. A good set should include items like record cleaner fluid, lint-free cloths. anti-static brush, and a pick-up brush for your stylus.

Wireless Speakers

Place yourself in front of these, close your eyes, and recall what concerts were like in a previous life, discovering new facets of your favorite music in the process. Wireless speakers can integrate into your analog set-up and offer a mighty sound. Ideally suited for highs and mids, improve the setup even further by including subwoofers to guarantee that the low-end is covered.

Vinyl Backpack

A vinyl bag made specially to carry these fragile pieces is especially useful if they’re intending to share a few pieces of their collection with friends at a gathering.

From groovy and thoughtful custom vinyl records to practical tools like brush cleaners and adapters, the items on this list are bound to please any record lover in your life!