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6 Best Wedding Gifts For Music Lovers

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Let's face it: buying gifts for other people is difficult and can definitely be stressful. Of course, the newlywed couple will typically provide you with some suggestions when it comes to a wedding gift, as they’ll likely make a wedding registry. It can be quite helpful to have a list of options to choose from in a registry, but many of the items on the list might be uninteresting or unimpressive. Let's be honest, giving someone a set of wine glasses isn't exactly exciting. Instead (or in addition), why not get the couple a wedding gift they'll genuinely like by shopping for something that suits their unique interests or hobbies? And if they are passionate about music, there are some fantastic options available. So, we came up with a list of seven wedding gifts for music lovers that they would absolutely enjoy.

First Dance Lyrics Wall Decor

Getting their first dance lyrics printed on a canvas is a gift they'll treasure forever. What a brilliant and original idea! To connect with your significant other, you can also give them this sentimental memento. Whether it's the soundtrack of their first kiss or the first dance at their wedding, you can create a custom wall piece using any treasured song.

Bluetooth Speaker

As the couple moves into their new home together, cozy nights in and house gatherings will be that much better with great music. Though it could double up as a housewarming gift, getting them a high quality Bluetooth speaker is a great option for a wedding gift as well!


Is the couple you’re shopping for music connoisseurs? Or maybe they’re old souls? Either way, a turntable is the ultimate stylish and retro gift to get, and nothing beats the quality of music on vinyl records.

Custom Vinyl Records

Speaking of records, a couple will be thrilled to receive a custom record of either their wedding song on a 7” vinyl, or a compilation of a few tracks that celebrate their love on a 12” vinyl.

Looking for even more personalization for the happy couple? Create a custom picture disc with a photo (from their engagement, perhaps?) right on the vinyl itself!

It’s one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts you can make!

Spontuneous Board Game

For all the board game and music enthusiasts in the world, this might be the ideal wedding present. The board game Spontuneous, requires players to sing or shout out songs, allowing them to evaluate their own and their friends' musical expertise. The objective of this lively family game is to sing at least five words from any song based on the other player's trigger word. It's a memorable and interactive wedding gift that can be used often.

Spotify Playlist Glass Art

Last but not least, you can get them a custom glass art decor piece. It's essentially a work of art made of scannable glass that links to your favorite Spotify track. It also functions as a nightlight, and you can often include a picture of the happy couple on it as well for a final, personal touch. We adore this idea!

These awesome wedding gifts will help them grow their interest in music together!