5 Ideas to Make Your Own Custom Vinyl Record Jackets

5 Ideas to Make Your Own Custom Vinyl Record Jackets

Making your own custom vinyl record can be a unique and creative way to bring authenticity back into the music listening experience. Creating your own playlist and putting it on vinyl is easier than ever with Freestyle Vinyl. While you’re at it, why not make your very own custom vinyl record jacket – either to go along with your record, or on its own? Use your own artwork, favorite photo, or find inspiration on the web. Bring in themes from the songs on your playlist or commemorate a special occasion with a photo. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with something that speaks to you. Need some inspiration? Here are 5 ideas to get you started when making your own custom vinyl record jacket. 

1. Original Artwork

If you consider yourself a creative at heart and enjoy making your own designs, now is the perfect opportunity to showcase that on your vinyl record jacket. Hand sketches, drawings, paintings, and any other medium of art that can be printed and uploaded in a digital format could make for a fantastic back jacket for your custom vinyl. When thinking of what you want the artwork to be, consider the theme of the songs and the playlist on your record. Are the songs melancholy or joyous? Do they focus on a word, concept, or idea? This could serve as inspiration for the artwork you create and choose to display.

2. Graphic Design

Artists come in many different forms nowadays. Graphic design is its own form of original artwork, just in a more digital manner. People with an eye for detail may want to make their own custom vinyl record jackets with graphic design. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator can be great, but there are also tons of other platforms that allow you to play around with features and designs. Consider Canva, Visme, Crello, and Design Wizard among many others.

3. A Collage

Another way to customize your vinyl record jacket is to make a collage of pictures. This could be based around images on the theme of the playlist or a mashup of special pictures and special moments that have inspired the playlist.

4. A Special Photo

There’s nothing more special than having a meaningful photograph as the jacket of your custom vinyl record. Whether you’re giving the vinyl to someone as a gift or making it for yourself, personalizing the jacket with a photo can make its creation even more unique. The photograph could be of you and your loved ones, but it could also be of a location that holds a special place in your heart, a pastime, or even a landscape.

5. Plain and Simple

For some people, less is truly more. Letting the music speak for itself and keeping the vinyl record jacket plain and simple may be the way to go in this case. Choose one color and perhaps add your name or the title of the record – and that’s it!

For additional information on vinyl jackets from Freestyle Vinyl, head over to the FAQ section of our website. We cover it all in depth so you’ll know exactly what to expect when making your own custom vinyl record jacket.

Have any questions? Need additional answers? We’re here for you. Contact us today and we’ll help you turn your favorite songs into a custom vinyl you’ll love.