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5 Best Gifts For Country Music Lovers

Are you looking for the best gifts for country music lovers? Perhaps a close friend or relative of yours who enjoys country music has a birthday coming up. Or maybe they will soon be graduating or celebrating another significant life event.

Even if you're looking for a "just because" gift, let’s talk about some presents that are perfectly suited to your loved one’s musical love: country music.

We've compiled a list of the 5 best gifts for country music lovers in your life, fitting for any age.

Tickets to Concerts or Music Festivals

If you want to play the Ticketmaster game, there are several big artists touring the nation every summer.

The best value, however, may be found in festival tickets. For 2-4 days straight, hundreds of musicians perform complete sets nonstop, with the biggest acts capping off each day.

Smaller shows and events can also be a fantastic opportunity to save money and support performers who are just getting into the music industry. Have a look at what country music acts are playing in your town!

Cowboy Boots

A classic option. Even if your gift recipient doesn’t spend time out on the ranch, cowboy boots are a staple for any music festival, so if they’re a fan of those, this could be a good complimentary gift! Besides, some sturdy cowboy boots last for years, making this a truly memorable and practical gift.

A Custom Country Music Vinyl Record

This is the ultimate gift for the country music lover in your life. It resembles the mixtapes we used to make for our friends, family, and loved ones back in the day. Fill up a 12” custom vinyl record with songs that remind you of that country music lover, or a list of tracks that you just know they will love! This personalized gift is both thoughtful and a very fitting piece to add to their beloved collection.

Pro tip: If you have access to their Spotify playlists, you can pick out a few of their favorite country music hits and compile them onto one vinyl. It doesn’t get any more thoughtful than that.

If you’re on a budget, putting one or two songs on a  7" vinyl record is the way to go!

Craft Whisky and Craft Beer

Beer or whiskey go best with country music, hands down! It's simple to gift this meaningful present by slipping a six-pack of craft beer or a bottle of the newest local whiskey release into a stocking. Who knows? This might just become their go-to beverage in the future!

Artist Merch

You may not know this already, but selling merch is a primary source of income for many artists. Giving merch, which also supports country music artists, is the best way to express the sentiment, "I support your taste in music.”

The online store for the artist should be your first stop when looking for merch. This is typically accessible directly from their websites. If an artist doesn't have merchandise on their website, look for links to buy it on their social media pages.

We hope you got some useful ideas to get the best present for that country music lover in your life!