'80s '80s '80s!

'80s '80s '80s!

'80s '80s '80s!

Ah, the 80s. The decade of hope, prosperity, and the synthesizer. Disco was dead, and people weren’t yet depressed enough for grunge. This was a sweet-spot decade, with DJs pumping music in clubs and boomboxes pumping it into the streets. Let's crank up the speakers and dance! 

This playlist would fit perfectly on a 12” record – just shy of 22 minutes a side. Think of this as a guide for your own '80s playlist, or just inspiration as you build your own!

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Side A

Faith – George Michael

Kicking it off strong with an all-time 80s classic. George Michael (RIP) may define the decade better than any other star.

How 80s Is It? 10 out of 10 side-ponytails


Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

Better than the Danger Dance amiright?

How 80s Is It?  7 out of 10 teenage Michael Jacksons


Jump – Van Helen

And this is the point where we have to jump into the hair band world. It just isn't the 80s without ridiculous hair, shiny jumpsuits, and crazy guitar riffs. 

How 80s Is It? 8 out of 10 Jane Fonda Workout Tapes


Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

One-hit wonders have a place at Freestyle Vinyl! We may best remember this song from Tommy Boy, a decidedly '90s movie, but we're happy shouting COME ON EILEEN at the top of our lungs no matter what decade it comes from.


How 80s Is It? 6 out of 10 Madonnas


Tainted Love – Soft Cell

This song is so iconic, it's been covered by just about everyone under the sun... including Marilyn Manson, a decidedly non-soft-rocker. I guess you can't control who loves your songs when you know your way around a synthesizer like Soft Cell did! 

How 80s Is It? 7 out of 10 Ghostbuster ghosts


Side B

Beat it  - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is almost too iconic to tie down to just one decade. But the 80s was where he thrived. We prefer to keep him there in our memory, and just pretend the 2000s never happened.

How 80s Is It? 9 out of 10 Mr. T's


Down Under – Men At Work

I've never been to Australia. But when I do, I expect this song to be playing on repeat.

How 80s Is It? 10 out of 10 Scrunchies


Super Freak – Rick James

Rick James was an incredible entertainer long before he was a hilarious punchline on Chappelle's Show - unfortunately, we could only choose one of his all-time 80s classics for this mix!

How 80s Is It? 9 out of 10 Ronald Reagans


You Spin Me Right Round – Dead or Alive

I honestly don't know if it can get more 80s than this. That's all I have to say.

How 80s Is It? 10 out of 10 Dead or Alives


Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

And we round out our Side B with the classic ode to a buddy's girlfriend... wait, what? Come on Rick, that's not cool... 

How 80s Is It? 7 out of 10 Top Guns


There you have it! We hope you have enjoyed our playlist, and maybe even gotten some inspiration. Now go, build your own 80s (or 90s, or 2000s, or 2010s, or...) mixtape!

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