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We've all experienced it. That song that reminds you of The One. It comes on the radio (or the Spotify playlist) and hits you with all the feels. All the sudden, all you can do is smile.

Maybe it'll be your first dance (or it already was?). Maybe there's an inside joke tucked in the chorus. Maybe you've never even listened to the song together, but it just hits you, and your heart can't help but be tugged.

This is a mixtape full of those songs. We hope that it serves as an inspiration for you as you build your own playlist(s)!

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Side A

Luce – Buy a Dog

Who doesn’t dream of the white picket fence, the love of their life, and a loyal doggo? 

Best Lyric: The signs said welcome to your life / I looked over you were smiling

Billy Joel – Just the Way You Are

An absolute classic. The ultimate New York singer/songwriter with an ultimate love song.

Best Lyric: I took the good times; I’ll take the bad times / I’ll take you just the way you are

Rihanna – Umbrella

What, you thought this was going to be all ballads? Ri Ri's breakout hit was actually really sweet (and super catchy).

Best Lyric: You’re a part of my entity, here for infinity

 Ben Folds – Luckiest

The old man line is a little creepy, but this songs just gets under your skin! Such a sweet ode to his forever love.

Best Lyric: And where was I before the day / That I first saw your lovely face / Now I see it every day

Ben Harper – Happy ever after in your eyes

Gritty, grimy, and straight beautiful.

Best Lyric: Held the sea in your hands / and happy ever after in your eyes

Side B

Alessia Cara – Outlaws

Alessia Cara is one of the hottest stars out there, and this is one of her most underrated songs. LOVE. (Also, her music video is all about the vinyl. DOUBLE LOVE.)

Best Lyric: We’ll be outlaws / You and me / They’ll never understand the honor / Among these thieves

Maggie Rogers - Say It

Beautiful, fun, and lyrics straight from the mind of a lady who gets what hopeless love does to a woman.

Best Lyric: I knew it when you walked my way / That I'd be begging you to stay.

Toby Lightman – Good Find

This song is stupid hard to find, but is absolutely worth finding. Hard to believe that this massive voice comes out of this tiny woman!

Best Lyric: Every thought I put on trial ends up being guilty / I guess I need good luck on my side / So take those black cats away

Amos Lee – Sweet Pea

Amos sings fantastic songs about the bohemian life. Our favorites include Night Train and Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight. This time, he’s just all about his Sweet Pea.

Best Lyric: I’m like the Rock of Gibraltar / I always seem to falter 

Marc Broussard – Where You Are

The heartfelt croonings of this New Orleans soul-folk all-star round out Side B in high style.

Best Lyric: And I want to love you better / and nowhere is too far / I want to let you know forever is right here in my heart


There you have it! We hope you have enjoyed our playlist, and gotten some inspiration. Now go, build your own romance mixtape!

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