About Us


David personalized vinyl mixtape

The mixtape is back, and better than ever! Since 2017, Freestyle Vinyl has lived to make music in its purest form - on vinyl, in hi-fidelity, and with your favorite people by your side. 

At Freestyle Vinyl, we take that mission seriously. We are a brother-led team, based in Chicago and focused on taking the vinyl world by storm!

At our HQ workshop in Chicago we have hand-crafted over 10,000 custom vinyl records and counting for our amazing customers!

Ryan personal vinyl mixtape

David is the older brother, and has the bald head to prove it. He has been passionate about music his entire life, and spent way too much time as a kid making, analyzing, and sharing mixtapes and mix CDs. Frustrated by the takeover of digital music and longing to hold his favorite music in his hands once again, David founded Freestyle Vinyl to help people just like him once again experience the joy of the mix. 

Ryan is the younger, cooler brother (check out that button-down!). After several years as a golf pro, he moved to Chicago in early 2019 to help bring Freestyle Vinyl to the next level. He enjoys long walks on the beach, working 18-hour days, and letting his brother write his bio for him. 

That's us!

We love meeting our customers, and helping make your vinyl dreams come true. Have any questions, or suggestions? Hit us up via our contact page and say hi!