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Why Freestyle Vinyl Is The Best Place To Order Custom Vinyl Records

Saying that vinyl is having a moment would obviously ignore the fact that it has experienced a great deal of moments in the preceding seven decades. However, it can't be denied that over the past few years, we've all spent more time at home nesting, honing our setups for listening to vinyl records, and savoring the experience of kicking back and just listening.

While vinyl has always been the best way to listen to an album, a custom vinyl record now makes it possible to have the best of both worlds – the listening experience of a vinyl and the customization and personalization that digital music ushered into the world in the 2000s.

Making a personalized record enables you to create a priceless keepsake for yourself or a loved one, with your own hand-picked playlist. This is, of course, a nice bonus to enjoying the vinyl experience (and sound quality) that you’ll always get with a regular vinyl record. If you’re looking to customize a vinyl record, look no further than Freestyle Vinyl.

Experienced Vinyl Record Making

Established in 2017, Freestyle Vinyl has specialized in making customized vinyl records of various sizes. We’ve made it our top priority to produce music in its most authentic form—on high-fidelity vinyl.

For 6 years, we’ve been committed to achieving that objective. From our Chicago headquarters workshop, over 30,000 personalized vinyl records have been hand-cut and hand-made by us for our awesome customers. You can count on us to bring your favorite tracks to life with our first-rate custom record making and cutting services!

You Can Include As Many or as Few Songs as You’d Like

Thanks to our various record types and sizes, you can include as many or as few songs as you’d like. If you are looking for a full LP experience, we’d recommend going with our 12" custom vinyl records, which allow you to fit up to 22 minutes of music on one side.

If you want to share a special song with someone, you can also choose to include a single song on our 7" single custom vinyl records, designed to hold 6 minutes per side (Side A only or Side A + B available). We also have a 10” picture disc available, an uber-personalized option that allows for about 12 minutes of music on one side plus your favorite photo on the vinyl itself.

Easy and Convenient Way to Build Your Playlist

Once you've chosen the songs you want to include on your custom vinyl, you can upload the mp3 files directly onto our system, or input the artists and song names if you do not have the files. It’s that simple! As the record is fully customizable, you can also choose to include voice memos, which add a personal touch that is perfect if you intend to send it as a gift.

Customizable Record Jackets

Once you've finished creating that personal playlist, you can also choose to get a custom jacket for your 12” record. This can be anything, from a picture of you and your loved ones, to an artwork you’ve made. Otherwise, you can always choose from one of our stylish pre-made designs and check out!

Then, all that’s left to do is kick back, relax, and wait for your one-of-a-kind record to be made and dispatched (which should take 1-3 weeks).