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Top 7 Vinyl Records Art Projects You Can Try

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Whether you’ve stumbled across a box of records in your parent’s attic that don’t quite work anymore, or you’re looking to repurpose a beloved vinyl of yours, there are many ways to transform vinyl records into something updated and visually appealing. You can even gift the completed piece to a loved one, along with other thoughtful gifts like a custom vinyl record! Here are the top 7 vinyl record projects to try out today.

Wall Art

You can use your vinyl in conjunction with other wall art to create entertaining scenes, or you can use a straightforward design that nevertheless exudes a retro vibe. Decorate your wall by hanging the records from a piece of string or by sticking them straight to the wall with an adhesive surface.

Vinyl Dreamcatcher

If you don't have a sizable vinyl collection, this is an excellent project for you. One vinyl record, some string, feathers, beads, and any other decorative materials are all that are needed. Before gluing the strings to the vinyl or poking holes in the record and tying them, decorate the strings. You'll need one to hang the dream catcher and roughly five to hang from the bottom. If you have some spare vinyl lying around, host a DIY party to make vinyl dreamcatchers with friends!

Vinyl Clock

Tired of your boring old clock? Use an old vinyl record to create your own clock! You can even use guitar picks as substitutes for the numbers. Simply take apart a clock you want to jazz up, and put the hands back together into the hole in the center of your record. After that, you can customize the clock's face however you like.

Vinyl Cupcake Stand

You can even create a record dessert stand out of various sizes of vinyl, which is perfect for a rock and roll-themed celebration. The vinyl at the stand's base should be the largest and get smaller as you go up the stand. A stand rod, a few records, some screws, and washers are all you need for this DIY!

Vinyl Bookends

Fun fact: melting and molding vinyl records is simple. Simply boil water (approximately an inch) in a flat-bottomed, heat-resistant container, then dip the record into the hot water. Your record will easily bend after being heated, allowing you to bend it at a 90-degree angle into the ideal bookend. Make sure to repeat this process with another vinyl record to complete the pair of bookends!

Paint On the Vinyl

This last suggestion is more akin to a craft. Get some paint and create your vinyl to be the ideal wall decoration if the projects stated above are too complex for your DIY preferences. Additionally, this is a fantastic project to do with people of all ages. You can even paint something that reminds you of a loved one and give it to them after the gathering.

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Frame the Sleeves

You might decide against using the record itself, and that's fine. The album cover is often more artistic than the actual record! Whatever the state of your sleeves, framing and hanging them on your wall will create a stylish contrast between old and modern.