Lady holding vinyl record

The Benefits Of Buying Custom Vinyl Records

You may hear many say that vinyl sound is superior to what you get from the digital format. It has a cozy, “warm” quality and a special fuzzy touch that no digital file can replace. There are particular advantages associated with both vinyl and the digital format, but in this article, we'll discuss the top benefits of vinyl records and why getting a custom-made one is great, as cited by record collectors.


Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, nothing says personal like a vinyl record filled with songs you cherish or that remind you of them.

This really is the major benefit of digital music – you can stream what you want, when you want. And it is one big reason physical media, like vinyl records, were largely forgotten in the 2000s. However, with a custom vinyl record, you can add that personal touch to vinyl just the same!

With a custom vinyl record, you can also include voice notes and not just songs, which truly makes it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Lossless Format

The only analog, lossless playback format is vinyl. This means that all you need in order to enjoy a full-fidelity listening experience is a good quality turntable to go with your custom vinyl.

With an analog format, an artist can transfer their music directly from magnetic tape to vinyl record, and finally to your speakers or headphones without having to deal with complicated digital conversion processes.  The realization of this benefit, of course, depends on the initial mode of recording that took place.

Comforting, Warm Sound

This mystical quality is what makes vinyl records unique in many people's eyes. It is warm and in the mid-range. It makes every musical instrument sound beautiful.

Volume Limits

It's true. Digital audio can be mastered and recorded louder than vinyl. This is considered by many to be a significant disadvantage of records. However, let's examine the situation differently. The volume of digital music production is frequently pushed to the limit, to make the song as loud as possible.

Unfortunately, this results in exhausting and hyper-compressed songs that are missing the textures and dynamics that give recordings their depth and energy.

The volume of vinyl is dependent on two things: the length of the sides and the depth of the grooves on vinyl. Therefore, the sound of a pressed album may be quieter if there are more tracks on your vinyl.

At Freestyle Vinyl, we can ensure high-quality sound and consistent, relatively high volume throughout your vinyl record whether there is one track or 20.

Collector’s Culture

This element is linked to the concept of record collections in general. People who play or collect records are, well, cool (at least in our eyes). Whether your collection has 5 or 500 records in it, your favorite music and musicians make for a timeless collection.

Vinyl has the charm of bringing people who share interests together. After all, records look much nicer on your shelf than CDs.

Custom Cover Art

The vinyl record doesn’t just get played on your turntable, it also gets displayed on your shelves or on your wall! The best part about making a custom record is being able to also customize the jacket that comes with it. Listen to the music, display the cover, and enjoy a full, phenomenal listening experience!