Keithen Banks Custom 7" Singles


"I just want to reach one person."

Chicago guitarist Keithen Banks inspire fans through the narratives of his life’s journey. Determined to let his light shine on-stage and off, Banks' work reflects a lifetime of joy and sorrow: struggle and pain but also light and love.

Banks was born in Chicago Heights and raised in Mississippi by his grandmother, a very religious woman who introduced him to the gospel sound. 

Banks taught himself guitar, and cut his teeth for several years busking in Chicago subway stations. There, Banks was witness to the good and the bad in the world while tirelessly persevering to hone his craft.

Through tragedy, Banks' perseverance would be tested. Homelessness, the deaths of his mother and grandmother, broken relationships, and memories of severe childhood trauma tested his faith and his optimism. 

But the more Banks opened up and poured himself into his music, the more his little light illuminated. Through his music, he continues to share his truth by reassuring himself and others that hard times do not last. It’s in the past.

“If it wasn’t for music, man, I don’t know where I will be,” Banks said. “That’s how serious music is for me…I’m like if I can just play my guitar and just sing, life is so much better.”

Currently Banks is a regular at Chicago's House of Blues, and tours as well. He is a life coach, does motivational speaking and has appeared on “Empire.” His efforts were publicly acknowledged when he was awarded “The Black Excellence Award for R&B” by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago.

You can learn more about Keithen and his work at, or listen below:


About the Vinyl

Every record is custom-made, a unique creation hand-cut by Keithen's partners at Freestyle Vinyl. That means your record is created only after you order, and will ship within 1-3 weeks. 

Every record is fully customizable to ensure Keithen's biggest fans a personalized, incredible musical experience. Created at 45rpm in high-fidelity stereo sound.