Personalized and Custom Made

Your personalized vinyl record is exactly that – personal to you! With Freestyle Vinyl, your record can be customized in a variety of ways, including the choice of songs, the design of the artwork, the vinyl color and packaging choices. Below, learn a bit more about how to make your perfect personalized vinyl record, and why Freestyle Vinyl is the best choice for your vinyl needs. Using our tips, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift or add a unique addition to your own vinyl collection!

Personalized and Custom Made

Select the Songs

When selecting the audio for a personalized vinyl record that you intend to give as a gift to a loved one, it is first essential to know their musical tastes. Country? Rock? Hip Hop? All of the above?

Either way, you’ll want to choose songs that “fit” together thematically. Whether all the tracks fit in the same genre or you’re hopping around, a common theme and a good mix of audio types (e.g. fast and slow, old and new) can really bring together the mix to create a fully enjoyable listening experience.

Making a custom vinyl record for yourself? Well the “know their tastes” part is taken care of isn’t it? If we may make a suggestion, design your mix around the mood you want to convey… what will you be doing when listening to your record? Relaxing and looking to disappear into the music? Dancing around the room and letting out the energy of the day? Design your personalized record for your personalized listening experience!

Design the Album Artwork

Your album artwork can be… well… anything you want it to be! But the most memorable album covers we have produced for our customers center on the people that make the audio special. The relationships, the occasions, and the emotions that the music is helping celebrate!

Personalized and Custom Made

Whether one photo or a collage, your jacket artwork is just as personal as the audio you are using, and can be considered just as important a keepsake (and just as important a work of art!) as the audio that you’re placing on your record.

Most of our customers focus on the photos (as well they should), but add some text to really make your album cover pop! Give your personalized vinyl a title, add the year somewhere in the design. Throw an inside joke on there as a song title… custom text on a custom photo really can elevate the whole thing.  

If you are a musician releasing vinyl for your album, obviously your name and album title should display prominently. Spend some time thinking about the connection between your sound and the visual style of your album artwork, and that connection’s impact on the brand that you are looking to create and promote.

Choose the Vinyl Color and Packaging

Freestyle Vinyl is always proud to provide multiple options when it comes to vinyl color! We will always have black, white, and clear vinyl available, and are able to seasonally add other colors, such as red, green, blue, and turquoise. 

All vinyl colors and sizes result in the same high quality sound that you know and love from your vinyl, so it’s really up to you – one final touch of personalization that you’re able to add before completing your record for production!  

Why Choose Freestyle Vinyl’s Personalized Vinyl?

At Freestyle Vinyl, we are passionate experts in music, vinyl records, and customer experience. We have been in business since 2017 – as one of the first custom vinyl creators in the world! – and are thrilled to have produced over 30,000 customized records for our amazing customers all around the world. 

The tactile experience of vinyl is, quite simply, our passion. Digital music is great, and streaming on your phone has made the world of music more accessible than ever. But there is just something about the tactile experience of holding, listening to, and experiencing vinyl that will never go out of style. When it comes to creating your own personalized record, our dedication to vinyl and attention to detail make us the perfect choice.

To learn more about our personalized and custom-made vinyl, contact us today!